President Kibaki thwarts MPs Greed!

Posted: October 10, 2012 in Routine
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The Kenyan MPs are among the World’s highest paid legislators…each taking home a basic salary of $10,000…and in addition a couple of obscene allowances.
A couple of months ago, the speaker of Kenya’s National Assembly quoted the $10,000 pay to the Kenyan legislators as peanuts.
Last week, the legislators passed a bill that would see them get a $105,000 send off each in a record 7 minutes at 10pm…when Kenyans were sleeping after a hectic day trying to at least earn a living in these harsh financial times.

On numerous occasions the Legislators have been referred to as MPigs. I hereby take this chance to apologize to all the pigs in the world for comparing such greedy individuals to them. The pigs, eat the way they do because their metabolic needs require them to. Moreover, the pigs are a source of lard,pork and bacon.
On the other hand, the Kenyan MPs are just a source of corruption, greed and continual taxation of Kenyans. That’s why they are better called parasites than pigs!

If you are in Kenya or you follow the political scene that is unveiling ahead of the next general elections due in 2013, you will realize that the MPs are seemingly enemies. Numerous political parties in the rise, obscene numbers of aspiring Presidential candidates and of course those pretending to be friendly to suffering Kenyans for the sake of that vote. Such a perception however couldn’t be farther from the truth. The MPs came in unison to sign the bill in a record 7 minutes at 10pm. Their ethnic basis didn’t matter, their political ambitions neither did…neither did the thought of where the sendoff would come from matter.

The BBC news quoted sometime ago in their online website that the least amount a worker in Nairobi earns is $1500 a year. Some people actually earn much less. However, they were expected to foot the $23m MPs sendoff through tax increment.

It’s a country where the teachers strike lasted for 3 weeks asking for a rise in pay, doctors are yet to be paid…but MPs continue to engage Kenyans in childish political arguments.

In conclusion, I would like to thank President Mwai KIbaki, the Premier Raila Odinga, Education Minister Mutula Kilonzo and other sane leaders for letting common sense prevail in times where the MPs usually behave like the parliament buildings have been sprayed with a gas called Stupidity and indifference!


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