#The Murano-Ocampo Six

Posted: October 29, 2012 in Routine
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The title fits the 6 people whom I will talk about since they share quite some common facts with the (in)famous Ocampo 6.
Just like the Moreno 6, the Murano 6 have been reduced to 4 after 2 of them got some sort of lease.
Similarly, although some are still not certain of what should come next for them, I am sure they will have at least 4 years of doing MBChB (un)related courses just like the famous 4 are certain to spend a couple of decades in an international jail should they be found guilty of committing crimes against humanity.

I am not about to break down into some plastic ‘I love and will miss you’. Honestly that seems too soft for a Bushman. However, I indeed will miss a lot…in relation to some of them.

I hereby apply the rule of preserving the best for the last. I figure a lot of changes are bound to arise during our six year journey toward medical practice. As such, I am in no hurry or stress to wade against the tide that moved us from almost inseparable to totally intolerable
Either way when all is said and done, the entire class backs me up in wishing you endeavors in whatever you plan to pursue.

I am pleased that you will be coming back soon. That fighting spirit you showed back then in 3rd semester as well as through the appeals just prove how much potential you have in your short physique.
The name Furahiday suits you because many times you put the f in fun…not forgetting the d in drama.
I am longing to see you soon my dear.

CLOVERS…(Read in a Kalenjin accent)
I did not get a chance to get it from the donkey’s own mouth about your switch to Aviation.
Nevertheless, I am totally aware how you liked to defy gravity using a rolled up paper lit on one end. This gives you a chance to defy gravity and get paid while at it…using the Wright brothers’ invention.
The class certainly misses you, your guitar, your artistic drawings and your jokes. The class football team misses your comical presence in the football pitch too#kumiss ball ovyo-ovyo.
Patrons at Winners and Savanna do miss you Clovers.

I am pretty sure quite a number of the class, members noticed this anatomical occurrence when viewing the posterior aspect of your head region. Many are conversant with your mixing prowess as DJ. Megamind. A few however are aware that you can run as fast as Yohan Blake provided it’s at night and you have lace less shoes.
Either way, whatever the outcome of the confusion surrounding your case, be certain that I will always respect you as a mature guy who taught me a lot of things. Most good and some ‘better’ such as how to pour liquor into a glass as well as how to take it all in a flash!
#our song i.e. You, Brayo Thau and I…”mtoto akililia wembe mpe panga…mpe kitu atakumbukanga…”

Honestly I don’t know much as regards Bushman and the two of you. However I have to write at least something under this sub-title right?
The Him…I am told you stopped being an Egerton student back in 2nd semester.
The fact that you did exams and got accommodation proves the truth in the former Deputy CJs comment, “you should know people.”

The Her…you are a very dynamic person in terms of emotions and ideas. #nuff said. However you seem pretty bent and convinced on the ring on a thumb movement. I would say I am certain about that bit…as well as you having a fetish for body piercings.
Having said that, I wish you the best in whatever you guys venture into.

This certainly isn’t the end for you guys. The only thing you, my classmates as well as the Bushman need to learn is that every individual person is the Author of his own destiny.

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