Bahati medical Camp.

Posted: November 7, 2012 in Routine
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My alarm woke me up early at 6 am having slept late on Friday at 1 am after attending a music concert which was simply amazing.
Tobias became the only one punctual out of the nine members from our class meant to go to the Bahati Medical Camp…albeit using a motorcycle to the gate.
Whilst the driver waited impatiently, hooting and silently cursing as the 1st years dutifully streamed into the bus like high school kids going for a symposium, I was taking a shower and shouting through the window at Bill saying, “nshikie chair kwa basi!”

Calvin was also taking a shower I am told, but peeping through the window which offers a vantage position of the Anatomy laboratory checking for signs of the bus…which unknown to him had already left.
Other people however were concerned with matters to deal with the gastrointestinal System.
Emma was in Njokerio trotting from shop to shop in search of Mandazis and maybe avocados too.
Norbert was fully dressed taking the 8 am Ugali-Mboga. I admire the 2. While the rest of us were worrying ourselves with unimportant stuff such as ironing the lab coats, looking for nametags etc., the 2 were engrossed in more crucial and appropriate body building activities.

“Mbio za sakafuni huishia ukingoni” was evident when the annoyed driver came to his senses and stopped just outside the gate. Soon enough however he snatched the mobile phone of some student who lying to the person on the other end,” driver ndiye alichelewa”.
Even still, it would be unrealistic to ferry 1st years only whose knowledge on medicine is currently nothing more than, “sciatic nerve, hernias, upper outer quadrant and of course the all-time favorite…gluteus Maximus!
The fantastic four comprising Emma, Cheche, maw, Bill and Sam were lucky enough to be chauffeured by Joshua Markonikov. Cheche however, was being carried by Boaz in the backseat so as to save on space much to her chagrin.
Joy, Norbert and Calvin didn’t make it to the bus in time due to the unavoidable circumstances but they took the public means to town and good enough the three waltzed in while we were still at the faculty’s vicinity with Norbert sweating like he is made of ice cream.
During the trip, the fantastic four had their first bite of the day in form of chewing gum courtesy of the Bushman.

It was my first 2nd time to come across the senior students based in town. The first time was during 3rd semester’s fun-day.
Aarif, Rono, Raphael, Cate, Jose and Abigael were present too.
However, Zakayo Matasi alias Boondocks stole the moment. For the aim of bringing out what I saw, I would say the guy has evolved.
He now dons a smart shirt, short and kempt hair plus a tie not forgetting the well-polished shoes and pressed trousers. I now prefer referring to him as Dr. Matasi as opposed to Zack.

Everyone was quickly assigned to their respective positions and duties for the day. Ken Kamande, Aarif Ikbaal and Ma’ Dora were in the lead overseeing the exercise.
Speaking of Ma’ Dora, I recall how rumors concerning the August lecturers’ strike kept popping up in our Facebook group MBChB/11. The most remarkable that outdoes that is that lie created by Dr. Kweri.
The infamous list of the students drinking alcohol back in 2nd semester where he alleged that the Dean had made the list in which Alphas was referred to as Alfayo!

The beautiful mini-skirt clad duo of Lenah and Sylvia (1st year) received the villagers at the reception desk. Bill and Emma registered them for the vital signs. Sam and Maw measured their height and weight for the purposes of determining their BMI. Sam, Maw and Joy were also assigned to the catering department.
The senior medics were the consultants and pharmacists together with Tobias, Joy, Calvin, Norbert and Cheche.
The turn up was overwhelming and as expected, everyone was soon tired and hungry as such we had our tea and snack at 2 pm. Lenah the 1st year actually called it quits just before tea break when a kid came in enjoying a mouth-watering Samosa.

The rain came but that didn’t deter us from keeping on since the Bahati inhabitants kept streaming in for a chance to get the free medical check-up comprising free consultation, free medicine and even free deworming tablets which Maw was advertising.
Most of the medical students have a big appetite. This includes the ladies. This excludes the 1st year guys however who would rather ‘haribu mwili and jenga jina’ in a bid to impress some damsels. However they lose all because I have just tarnished their delicate CVs too!
Sam had an apparent sugar-rush after the supper probably due to some coke in the Coke. He was laughing and acting silly plus coming up with silly ideas much to Maw and Cheche’s amusement.
The photo session took center stage as eating for the likes of Bushman remained their sole concentration.
The fact that the food was without salt but totally enjoyed proved that quality can be compromised to some extent over quantity.

I won’t mention in detail how Aarif was interrogated via a loudspeaker as regards his political ambitions as being in charge of Health and Awareness nor the request for a gym and a condom dispenser.
Neither will I mention how SOME of the smartly dressed consultants started planning on how the night would be killed hopping from one joint to another and how keg, beer and spirits would play roles interchangeably in their throats.
I will also desist from mentioning the ladies who suddenly disappeared in the bus and were neither seen nor heard although present.
But I will certainly mention that the day was a success and full of fun.

To the organizers, financiers, sponsors and contributors… a big thank you. To the guys who were on the ground, I would like to thank each and every one of you.
God bless you all richly!

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