Agreeing to disagree?

Posted: November 16, 2012 in Agree, Disagree
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When I first heard of the phrase that is the title of this article, I thought it paradoxical.
That was about 10 years ago when the Bushman was a mere 11 year old kid.
10 years down the course of time and I couldn’t agree more!

People have different perspectives in life brought about mainly by what they believe in.
What they consume in terms of written literature, audio and visual media also contribute in the shaping of a particular mindset.

As a result of the many ways in which a simple issue may be interpreted by a group of people, they might either argue it out to a common conclusion or agree to disagree and move on.
The latter option is always the easier and readily available.

Agreeing to disagree has several advantages.
1. Saves time.
2. People get to preserve their harsh comments which could otherwise ruin their relationship.
3. The people in a conflict feel good because their opinion is accepted.
4. Everybody becomes happy…atleast for some time.

The problems with this problem solving approach however outweighs its benefits.
For starters, after such a method is applied, the parties involved go their way still analysing the issue and even coming up with more reasons as to why their choice remains the best.

Secondly, there is a form of tension around the involved persons. There isn’t a room to be yourself.
Reason being that they agreed to disagree.
You will witness the involved persons being happy and filled with lots of laughter when interacting with other people.

Lastly, such situations are usually simply time bombs. Each ticking second presents a chill of fear since it might not be known just when it will go off.
The ‘time bomb’ might be trigger by a very flimsy and unrelated issue.
That is when all the dirt and harsh comments that have been harbored for so long are poured out.

And thats when several or one of the people involved are too stunned when they realise that everything that has been happening has been plastic.
Nothing was ever real.
The care, the concern, the help, the smiles and the laughter…all plastic!

Silly enough, agreeing to disagree is a cycle.
Once again the parties involved, in fear of treading the path of laying out everything on the table, choose to agree to disagree.

And an active volcano which is seemingly dormant or even extinct is put in place once again.

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