The Tether. #relationships

Posted: December 14, 2012 in Resolving Issues
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Ever wondered how big Elephants can be ordered around to perform tricks in a circus?
An elephant is big we say…and it could just leave whenever it wants to.
After all, who would be silly enough to stand in its way?

We see the same case in prisoners. Once released, some find it so hard to live in the free world till they just commit a crime for the sake of going back to jail.

The elephants used in a circus are trained when they are young.
A short rope is tethered around their leg and strung onto a nearby stem.
At the tender age, the elephant is physically challenged and therefore cannot free itself.
After years of being subjected to such treatment, the ‘reality’ sinks into the elephant that it can never leave.

In much the same way, our relationships are characterized by challenges.
Some people are set off by seemingly very minute issues.
Others have trust issues.
However much they try on their own, they can never see people for who they are without having prejudice.
This is usually caused by broken promises or broken hearts in the past.

Being in such a relationship can be stressing.

The first reaction is naturally to keep off from such.

However, if we truly love the person in question,we will sit down and face the ugly past that is a tether together.

It’s only then that there will be healing of the afflicted parties.
Otherwise running away or quiting doesn’t solve anything.


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