Nature’s Therapy

Posted: December 15, 2012 in Routine


as it happens occasionaly,
you are tossed aggressively,
by life and its many issues,
your patience people misuse,
your efforts taken for granted,
making you feel so unwanted.

in such times we forget nature,
and its ability our feelings to sooth,
our crushed feelings to nature,
the rough patches to be made smooth,
don’t underestimate its ability ur ego to pamper…

The melodious chirping of birds,
almost quiet caressing breeze,
majestic gushing of the rivers,
eye entertaining swooping of swallows,
and so much more that takes you away from the cares of this life.

Everyone needs a get away sometimes,
mine get away was so nice,
after such an escapade it’s all bliss,
with nature you can never go wrong,
such tranquil is what you need.


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