Handling critics

Posted: December 17, 2012 in Advice, Routine
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snobish-critic-picPeople close to me especially friends, know me as a critic.
What most don’t know however is that it’s something I developed as a defensive mechanism to handle actual critics.

Broadly categorized, there are two types of criticism; constructive criticism and the destructive criticism.

The constructive type of criticism is always aimed at correcting an individual so as to make them better.
The destructive criticism which I am very averse with, is the kind that in its extreme, leaves a ‘victim’ flat and at the verge of feeling useless.

They are hard-hitting, crafty and they think fast.
They are keen on your choice of words so as to use them against you i.e attackers.
Since no one wants to be the polisher of a critic’s ego, here are first hand tips from a critic.

1. Don’t reason along their lines.

However logic their arguments are, destructive critics usually bend some aspect of their talk which binds you to their opinions.
Their ideas have an erasing effect on what you knew beforehand. This leaves you blank because what they say appears to be gospel truth.

2. Have solid facts before you engage them.

There is nothing that convinces a critic he/she is up against a tough one when the person is facts-laden.
When you start to stammer however or become evasive, they know they have cornered you.

3. Stay on point and point out to the critic when they deviate from the topic.

This is usually a strategy they employ.
They momentarily change the topic so that you lay down your witty arsenal then hit back when you least expect.

4. Be informed on current affairs over a wide range of subjects.

Watch news, read newspapers, catch up online on trending topics locally and internationally.
By doing this, the critic appreciates his/her effort in arguing out something with you.
Plus you get to feel good about yourself and your research.

If you put that in use, you may realise that the one you disliked for being a critic may not be such a bad person after all.

Be smart will you?


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