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Posted: December 20, 2012 in Advice, Life, Reality Check
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burning issue

Gone are the days when Africans would stand by their traditions and defend why they do certain things in a certain way.
In fact, we can barely convince our fellow Africans.
Apart from the Maasai of Kenya, very few people still uphold their culture.

In the past, various practices marked the birth of a child, growing up, onset of puberty, entry into adulthood, marriage and finally the last rite of passage.
This days however, we want to ape everything Western especially the Americans.
We always forget that America, is basically a hub of immigrants.
Technically speaking, they have no distint culture(s) but rather just come up with trends.

These days almost everyone wants to talk with either an American or a British accent.
We seem to forget that our spoken English is bound too be affected by our mothertongues.

We want to conduct our weddings and even funerals like we see in movies.
We become embarrassed when the old men and women become emotional or are carried away in such occasions.

Our Music in fact tops the list in aping notoriety.
We quickly embrace the youthful sensation Camp Mulla because they have ‘swag’ and only behind closed doors listen to the gifted Mike Rua or the late Jacob Luseno who is credited for the hit song Mukhangala.

If we are to continue with this swarrogance, then the forthcoming generations will be without culture which is equivalent to lacking an identity.

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