My dreams for 2013…

Posted: January 2, 2013 in Deep thoughts, First, Life, Plans, Reality Check, Routine, Think
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My dream has always been to succeed in whatever I attempt.
The term ‘whatever’ spans across a wide area…studies, sports, games, farming, business, arguments and even ladies.
This has ended up nurturing a competitive spirit in me which might work either as a detriment or source of greatness.

The good thing about being this way is that you become well informed over a wide range of subjects and other topics that matter.
However, for the procrastinator that I am, it only makes me average in all the fields.

That’s why I am turning over a new leaf for the year 2013.

My dreams are therefore;

->Get back in touch with God…then;
1. take one day at a time.
2. mind my own business.
3. stop pleasing people at my expense.
4. Become more open minded.
5. make a list of my priorities which excludes some of the aforementioned activities.

They seem like resolutions but really they are my dreams.

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