MBChB edition…#schoolife

Posted: January 22, 2013 in Routine
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I am surprised that we are already done with 2 weeks in our academic calendar.

A number of events made the 2 weeks bearable despite the pressures from our studies.

1. Kevin Wanjala
The guy recently shifted from the pink phone which lacked a name to a sleek Nokia Lumia!
He has been forced to stop using the infamous *131# service though.
The mid-fielder come rapper also purchased a microphone
We are yet to see his lyrical prowess however.
For more on this, visit their room for a freestyle session we did in Lavington…remember to ask for the one named ‘Amateur’

We recently asked him to stop acting as a whatsapp agent.
He is renowned for being an activist of the long messages purpoting to be from whatsapp adminstrators.
Always dully informing us even when it’s obvious we care less.
Kudos to Siko, Mastuff and Sam for that job….and Ayoti for adding the laughter which nailed the message in.

2.Drama in discussion.
A new anatomy book was recently discovered by Bildad. It’s called anatomy by Rechions.
Musyoka and Becky argued out on whether their son will undergo traditional or modern circumcision.

4. The Football teams

the 2nd years recorded a clean sheet in the opening matches between the 1st years.
Notwithstanding the many defeats they succumbed to last year, they were still at it with their chics.
Always noisy before the game commences…and more noisy during the game.
They gave an excuse that our goalkeeeper is a member of Illuminati hence the lack of goals.

5. Ben Mokaya.
Renowned for his lame jokes and controversies as regards football, Mokaya recently had a spat with Mastuff during the football game.
He was however shut down when he was told ‘we ni msee wa ocha’
I think he dint argue because his accent wouldve confirmed Mastuff’s allegation.

6. The ladies.
I am not sure if it’s a 2013 new year resolution or the exams which made them quite down from their usual 2012 self.
Lenah and Leo who are celebs have been exceptionally quiet this year.
Or maybe it’s because he finally got a chic he and a number of fellas have been getting headaches from.

7.The 2nd year anatomy CAT.
All I know is that the exam I found easy turned out to be frustrating when the answer sheets were brought back.

  1. angie says:

    Its a big big world and variety makes the world spicy;its either the rock or the hyrax or the moss on the rock


  2. Kivindu says:

    Maze ww umenionea bt Its owk keep it UP!!


  3. Ronedion says:

    Hitting the nail on the head or other way round. Kudos Sam for this rib devastating piece. Am recollecting my ribs before the next class begins


  4. Bildad Emase says:

    Truly depicted it….cracked ribs!!!


  5. Kemmie says:

    Its bn quite an interest start for this year!Nevertheless it make med xkul(our home) a better place to b in


  6. mollymollet says:

    Haha kumbe haikuwa yangu tu