My class…by a 9 Year old Sammy.

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My name is Sammy and I’ll be turning 9 on September 14th  this year(2000). I am in a big school in a town called Njoro in Kenya. I have a class teacher called Mr. Abdulla…I hope he gets well soon because he has been ill and has missed school. We are taught by men only. They are always good to us during the term but they suddenly treat us like their enemies by giving us hard exams which are very long. I have two favorite teachers; Mr. Akenga & Mr. Obure.

Mr. Akenga teaches Christian Religious Education and is a fan of my football team Manchester United. He really encourages us to do our best and work hard so as to be rich and happy in future. I like Mr. Obure because he tells us jokes and always stops teaching when my classmates start sleeping or say we are tired. He also likes making fun of Norbert who is the fattest boy in our class.

My Friends (boys)

I have so many friends in our class; football friends, study friends, hostel friends, good friends and bad friends. My Sunday school teacher told us to love our enemy…that is why I have bad friends. Let me mention my good friends. Brian and Caesar rarely comb their hair…maybe when they get older they will be able to buy combs. Kevin and Conrad want to be body builders when they grow up…they always lift anything in sight including desks and stones that line the assembly ground. Hoseah will be a dancer one day…he always twitches his body like Michael Jackson whenever he is caned for coming to class with a Walkman.

Kivindu is still finding it hard to speak in English. Every time it is his friend Kiboen who helps him out by telling him the answer in English when Mr. Obure says; “What is your name Kivindu?” Everyone usually laughs except Patricia who always asks what the joke is. The class prefect normally starts laughing when everyone else has stopped laughing.

The shortest boys in my class are Ayoti and Brian Ochieng. We always make fun of them by saying they must climb a stool to kiss a girl. The first time Dennis came to school, I didn’t know he was a boy until he removed the raincoat and I noticed he was wearing a short like other boys. I think that is why Gilbert had earlier refused to seat with him. Titus never plays football. He always plays Kalongo with the girls together with Tobias, Calvin and Mwadime

My friends (The girls)

Every girl in our class is beautiful. I know because non looks like what my brothers tell me are ugly girls. I know Beth will look much better with the specs on when she is older and her head has grown a little bigger. Some girls would be a radio with new battery if they were animals. They love talking. I wonder why they are never written in the noisemakers like I always am. They include Becky, Cheche, Joanne, Celestine, Mollet, Barbra and Mary Muthoni. I think most of them will be musicians in future because they usually sing the national anthem very good.

Most have really sweet smiles like Joy, Chebet, Nuzlah and Kari. Sometimes I wonder what would happen to Chebet if someone accidentally broke one of her front teeth… Would she still smile? I know Kari would still have her eyes, Nuzlah her beauty and Joy her dimples. Maybe when Chebet gets older a part of her will really stand out.

Gideon our former class prefect and Gilbert Rono the quiet boy always sleep as long as we are in class. Our teacher told us that snails can sleep for years…maybe the two boys are related to snails because they even talk slowly.

Willis still puts on tight shorts this year. He looks like those guys we saw on KbC swimming during the Olympics. Maybe when he gets older, he will try a new style.

 Jacob stole my pencil and kept quiet until Celestine gave me hers during Dictation. he sometimes remind me of the retard boy in a movie I saw. Now he is an example of the bad friends I have.

  1. Sam Asselo says:

    Viewed from a certain perspective, Everyone is weird!


  2. Kivindu says:

    my 9 year old friend you are so honest though I doubt sometimes you are weird


  3. Joanne medina says:

    ahahahahahahahahahhaha! Sam u’v killed me. I cudnt get any more creative! :-):-) uko juuest aki


  4. Sam Asselo says:

    Thank you all for the comments:)


  5. mollymollet says:

    Haha i wonder if ud still view things from that perspective those days


  6. Alela says:

    Quite smart.The boy is very observant he may be a Dida when he grows up.


  7. Bildad Emase says:

    Nyc sounds innocent bt fun at the same time…


  8. Kemmie says:

    Love the perspective,good piece!