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Posted: April 18, 2013 in farm, home
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It’s day 5 at home but the first time I am sitting outside to just admire the surroundings. Something I always dream of when in school or away from home.

I like the farm most when its green all over. The sprouting maize, the tall trees and the sound they produce as the wind blows over the farm, the many birds around making nests and occasionally dining with our poultry.
And the smell of freshness due to last night’s rain.

The cow has already fed on quite a large portion of food. But the moment she notices movement from my part she looks up fast expecting more food coming her way.
I can’t do much though, the headmistres knows best as regards her daily food intake.
She will tell me or my brother Luke when and what to feed her with.

I played with Snowy this morning after giving her breakfast. She’s really grown big. She is faster and more fun now. Snowy is the dog who replaced the fallen hero Lucky. She got the name due to her white features. She’s cute!

The ducks, chicken and the mother chicken together with her chicks have been caged in separate cages.
The headmistres has several vegetable nursery beds…the poultry can destroy everything within half an hour unless under supervision.
The only ducking around however is left to roam. I don’t know yet if it’s a he or she.
I’ll release them this evening though…let them play with soil, flap their wings as the try to feast on the many locusts flying around.

The indoor four legged animal has grown too. Back then she was a small kitten. Nowadays she is big but are still friends with Snowy.
She is right here beside the kiti moto am seated on.

The headmistres is issuing some orders about how the cow’s pen needs renovation. She also says I provide shade to the chicks since it’s getting hotter. She also says the leash on Snowy seems too tight. Before I digest all she’s said she’s gone to the shamba…not before saying the cow needs napier grass so as to have a balanced diet.

This is indeed the typical day at the farm….at my home.
Now where the hell did I last see the sickle?


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