Exclussive interview with Joanne Medina on her life, parents, friends, love, dreams, struggles and misconceptions people have about her.

Posted: June 2, 2013 in Routine
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J.M with Baraka Imani the guitar.

J.M with Baraka Imani the guitar.

On her 22nd birthday, Joanne Medina (J.M) had the following reflections in an exclusive interview with Sam.

SAM:Tell me a little about Joanne Medina.

J.M:I’m a daddy’s girl, who looks exactly like her mother.

SAM:What are you most grateful for in the last year?

J.M:Two things…My guitar named Baraka Imani. My mum gave it the first name which she pronounces as Balaka (laughs).
Secondly my anniversary ring which I was given on 12th December by Allan.

SAM:Anything special happened?

J.M:I had visited him(giggles)…do you really need the details? Okay to cut a long story short, he kissed me after giving me the ring.

SAM:What is the most exciting aspect of the age you are?

J.M:It’s not exciting. There’s much am yet to achieve which I wanted to by 21.

SAM:What were you to achieve BY 21?

J.M:A music album, 2 published novels.
But at least I own and know how to play the guitar. I have also discovered other talents e.g. bead work, artwork and needle work.

SAM:Are you upset if someone forgets your birthday?

J.M:Not at all…but if it’s my boyfriend I’ll kill him. My parents always confuse it as 5 days prior to the actual date(sighs).
I confronted my dad yesterday on why he didn’t wish me a happy birthday. He argued that unlike my mum, he isn’t my friend on Facebook so he wasn’t notified(laughs).

SAM:So your parents are digital?

J.M:Yes. My dad buys cool electronics which I end up stealing. Both my parents are in Facebook. I chat with my dad on WhatsApp regularly. My mum is waiting for me to download it for her.

SAM:How do you handle people or situations where you are misunderstood?

J.M:It used to bug me a lot and I would feel the need to explain myself out. But I cannot go explaining myself to everyone. Having lived with Arlene who was greatly misunderstood, I figured worrying too much is denying me peace.

SAM:What upsets you?

J.M:An Individual who is self-righteous and I don’t want to be specific on that
Also when a person crosses one of the very few boundaries I have such as taking advantage of my generosity.

SAM: Who is Kevin Wanjala to you?

J.M: Kev is my closest friend who always has my back and me his’. We break up sometimes due to silly stuff but the beauty of it is that we always make up. People have even mistaken him for being my boyfriend.

SAM:If you were a guy, how would you treat your girlfriend differently from what the trend seems like?

J.M:I’d keep off from smoking or drinking since it’s a sign of escapism i.e seeking solace in earthly things.

I wouldn’t play her because it’s not right plus being a guy, I’d be busted pretty sooner than later. And lastly but most importantly, I’d do what I personally do for my relationship…pray for it.

SAM:So you believe in love?

J.M:Yeah…very much…big time!

SAM:What do most people not know about you?

J.M:Aiyayaaya hiyo Ni swali ngumu….ni ngumu kujua akili ya watu. (That’s a hard question considering it’s hard to decipher what goes on in people’s minds)

I always want to stand out because I believe I’m not just a nondescript. From fashion, how I study, to how my room should be…tiny detail things.

I also don’t believe a guy should always take the girl out…so am not like every other chic.

SAM:What’s your greatest desire?

J.M:Live a life pleasing to God’s eyes…not people. And that’s a very hard thing to do but I take my steps one at a time. I’ve made lots of improvement on myself but the biggest challenge remains the judgemental people who are neither aware of where I’m from nor where I’m heading.

SAM:What steals peace from you?

J.M:When a close friend goes silent on me without telling me what’s up. I hate lack of communication. (My best friend took advantage of this many times…Celestine!!)

SAM: How often are you reminded that you are beautiful?

J.M: On a regular basis by my boyfriend Allan. Many people too but the one i believe and treasure most is when my parents tell me I’m beautiful.

SAM:What do you look forward in today’s Fun Day?

J.M:I look forward to swimming, making a couple of new friends, dancing salsa with Hoseah, probably win a race or finish among the first lot. In the evening WhatsApp the pictures to my Dad to remind him of his youthful days.

SAM:Have a good day and thanks for your time Medina.

J.M:(Laughs, stretches, blushes)
Have a good day too…you’re welcome Sam

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