People’s pleasers..

Posted: March 19, 2014 in Life

Alice is a 20 year old young lady in one of the Tertiary learning institutions in Nakuru.
She is a source of envy to her friends and enemies alike all because she has what quite a number of young ladies would kill to have.

A nice slim body, no tummy, light skinned, average height, a pretty smile and a wardrobe that complements all her God given assets.
Not surprisingly, her love life is murky as is almost every other teenager’s and those past teenage years and probably yours too…..but that’s beside the point today.

A keen eye and a patient listener has read and heard a totally different story from what the spectators have concerning Alice.
Beneath the many friends lies loneliness.
Below the laughter lies sadness and underneath the great body and confidence lies a soul that seeks true friendship and love (Not the lust she gets from left, right and centre)
Alice’s happiness only exists when she makes others happy at her expense. By others I mean everybody who is mean or precisely idiotic enough to take advantage of her nature by pointing out the smallest thing that will set her insecurity bells off.

She gets comments such as;
“Hey Alice that hairstyle is not good on you ever thought of shaving….coz you see your hair is like steel wool”, “I think you’d look good in a mini-skirt…..not that dress.” “I wish you were a little taller Alice.”
“You see, if only you weren’t that talkative, I’d love you Alice”

I digress;I think the saddest reality in life is when you realize you always did your part to please people, make them comfortable, listen to their problems by sacrificing your time only to be totally ignored when you’re in trouble.
Suddenly everyone you so willingly helped out is busy with their studies, lives, hobbies etc

Back to my dear Alice,
Her’s is an example of people who have never gotten a chance to make decisions for their selves.
Before she does something she always wonders what so and so will think.
Be it dressing, eating, studying, asking a question in class, answering a question in class and even asking for what rightfully belongs to hers….something she had lent someone.

The result is a girl who may seem to have it all but in real sense is like the proverbial man drowning and desperately throwing his hands wildly to catch a straw.
She is looking for that one person who will not criticise her or treat her well only as long as the person is gaining from her in one way or another.

The easiest way out for you and I is to talk about her with our friends (who might also be fake) and forget the story, or just keep quiet and mind our own business.

But there is an effortless option of being a friend….the kind that can be said to be a friend indeed.
Just listen more and observe for the actions that people convey their situations with everyday.
Help someone learn today or tomorrow that there is a world of people who don’t wait for a chance to take advantage of a vulnerable person either by physical, mental or emotional torture.

Don’t look away….today it’s Alice…it might be you tomorrow sending a distress call.

  1. kemuntomayio says:

    awesome,true…its sad when every friend you have holds you dear coz they wanna gain from you withou daring to see your deepst struggles.
    Am very glad you found you MUSE 🙂