Something Always Changes…

Posted: March 22, 2014 in Routine

I was already in bed the first time.
Almost sleeping when mosquitoes woke me up with their irritating sound over my head.
I’m just from killing the whole lot of them and back in bed for the second (and hopefully final) time listening to another kind of music…..soothing and real music!.
It’s something I do when I don’t want to think before I sleep because most probably I’ll think about someone and end up having a nightmare.

Tonight am hooked on this particular song I first heard back in the year 2007. It’s called Unworthy.
In retrospect, the song sucked life out of me.
Ironically all my family members but me thought it amazing..
That and many other small differences made me conclude I was the black sheep.

Well I’m not a black sheep . In fact I’m almost like a summary of everyone.
Could be I was born that way or I couldn’t help picking a little of everyone’s character being a last born and easily influenced back then.
And contrary to some theory, I believe a family shouldn’t have a black sheep.
Some people have used that theory to justify their wayward behaviour which isn’t
In synch with his/her family members.

What was I writing about?
Oh the song….that’s what is keeping me awake.
What I have learnt is that everything happens at the right time.
You can’t force it.
And many times someone or other people have noticed what is good for us but for some reason we hold on to our opinions.

Or maybe its you trying to advise another person on something you feel they should start or stop doing.
And you feel like the person is being really stubborn when they stick to their guns.
And you call them all sort of names; stubborn, rude, proud, rebellious, disobedient, arrogant etc.

But then after a long while you or they seem to become good.
Suddenly there is a lot of sense in what you previously thought was nonsense.
And you look back at all the time you have lost chasing a rainbow and wonder why you never thought or saw things the way you’re seeing them now.

It’s simple, the timing wasn’t right. A lot of growing and development needed to be done.
Like how the beautiful butterfly needs to go through all the metamorphosis including being a scary, ugly caterpillar.
And what’s more for us, learning never stops.
Such that what you think is impossible now is what you’ll become best at.
What you feel is to much to bear right now, will become as light as wool. And what you feel is your undoing might eventually become your biggest source of blessing.

The tragedy or the blessing of life is that something always changes.

Time to sleep 😉

  1. kemuntomayio says:

    and of course its lways for the best,so no need to give a fuse about everything..BE HAPPY even in tough time #teamembracechange