Turning over a new leaf..

Posted: April 8, 2014 in Life, Motivational, Plans, Reality Check
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At the beginning of every year, we always anticipate turning over a new leaf in the form of resolutions.
Quit our guilty pleasures like over sleeping, bad habits such as procrastination, smoking, impulse spending and a positive one such as getting into a relationship that will most likely work..
These are all likely to improve a persons life greatly.

We start off psyched-up but internal and external forces both culminate in our demise to further misery or relapse.
And before you know it, you’re back to doing everything in the old ways which never made you happy or always landed you in trouble with your emotions as is the case of love gone sour.
So, barely mid 2014 and we are already waiting for the year 2015 to make other resolutions hoping something will be different.

So how about some 3 basic strategies?

1.From the objectives, make goals.
An objective is like a trip to Malawi but a goal is the map and the route, time and cash you will use.
Breaking an objective down to manageable goals helps us have a clear view of what we intend to do and even make a plan. Moreover it helps us evaluate our progress in a much easier fashion. For example, it would be a piece of cake for a student to evaluate his/her progress in a specific unit rather than asking himself/herself, “So, Am I a focused student this year?”

2.Keep in touch with your source of inspiration.

Ask yourself what made you want to effect change in your life?
Is it your parent, a friend, a circumstance or maybe a lesson learnt in a hard way?
Perhaps weight loss so that you lower your blood pressure or even be more confident of yourself if you weren’t.
Whichever the stimulus, you have to keep it close to your memories or close to your side.
Constant stimulation greatly reduces the probability of lapse or relapse.
If it’s a person, they may even act as a source of encouragement and guidance when things seem to be getting harder.

3.Don’t wait for a new year to make resolutions.

A new year is important to calendar manufactures, events organisers and politicians in office scared of the looming General elections.
To us, it’s a reminder that we have grown a year older.
Change doesn’t only need to happen at the beginning of a new year.
Resolutions therefore need not wait for a new year!
Make them now, today and break them into daily weekly or monthly goals that you set out to achieve.

“An idea can only become a reality once it is broken down into organized, actionable elements.”

Scott Belsky

Have a good day!

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