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[1. Don’t worry about trends]

Having an accent, employing the latest ‘sheng’ terminologies and generally keeping up with others seem to be weighing on you.
My advice to you is that they come and go.
No one really cares when you have them. Just the same way no one cares if you keep it simple.
So live your life and give a deaf ear to those who don’t matter.

[2. Women aren’t endangered]

You have that girl you think about almost all the time.
That one you’d do anything just to spend a minute with.
You hold onto her so much because you think life without her is unimaginable.
Well, tell you what, you will meet many more girls.
But only a few will be worth your time.
You will search for love…and you will get what looks like love.
When the time is right however, genuine Love will come knocking at your door.

[3. Most guys are still virgins]

I know they talk of how they have done it over and over again.
Then poor you feels like you’re out of place because you haven’t had sex.
Most formulate the stories after hours of watching or reading pornographic materials.
When you turn 21, you will realise most of what they claim they do is impossible plus sex isn’t facing extinction.

[4. Stop struggling to be a rapper]

You have written several songs and your friends ‘wow’ at your free-styling prowess.
The problem is that you want to sing and rap like those celebrities yet you have Calculus to master, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and the ever getting harder Kiswahili.
In the meantime, those ”Celebs” wake up daily and head to the studio. Thats all they have to master.

[5. Lastly but most importantly,] don’t forget who you are…plus always remember where you have come from…